Services and facilities page for Prosperity Recovery Residence which is located in Wilmington Delaware.

All residences will be fully furnished, cable tv, netflix, flat screen, and appliances. Every client will be provided with clean linens, and basic essentials to get started. We encourage you to make this your home; add things you like and make yourself at home.

Below is a list of services provided by Prosperity Recovery Residence.
  • Job Placement and support
  • Guidance to local Delaware resources for employment and education
  • Transportation to meetings
  • Accountability
  • Structure
  • Support
  • On sight meetings
  • Events and Activities with local recovery community
  • For residents that don't have a high school degree you will be required to enter into education training to receive GED
Below is a list of expectations for residents of Prosperity Recovery Residence in Wilmington Delaware.
  • Must have a sponsor
  • Must be actively working the 12 steps
  • Must complete a 90 & 90 and remain to attend 5 meetings minimum a week
  • Must enter in career or educational training
The expectations of residents in their first 30 days at Prosperity Recovery Residence.

Upon entering Prosperity Recovery, residents will have to complete an intake and meet everyone in the house. Then we can begin the recovery journey.

During the first two weeks you will have to remain on property unless leaving the house with other residents, with a sponsor to a meeting, or to seek employment or vocational/educational training. Residents will be responsible for having a meeting list signed by a member of a 12 step meeting every day, have a home group, and a commitment at that home group. Residents will be responsible for respecting the curfew. They will need to obtain a sponsor and complete at least step 3 within the first 30 days. Full time employment or enrollment in educational/vocational training is also necessary.

The expectations of residents within their first 90 days at Prosperity Recovery Residence.

During the second phase at Prosperity Recovery Residence, residents will enter into the empowerment phase. If phase one is successfully completed residents will be given later curfews, and responsibility around the house. At this point they will be responsible for holding others accountable and helping out the new guys in the house. Residents in this phase will be given the opportunity to make it through that beginning "hump" through support and encouragement and make sure that they're heading in the right direction in their recovery.

Expectations of residents within their first 120 days at Prosperity Recovery Residence.

Phase three is the self awareness phase. This will truly start the character building and learning the value of "practicing what you preach". At this phase if employment and education allows with timing we will move residents into being a unit leader. Every unit leader will be responsible for watching over the men in his units and make sure that they're keeping up their responsibilities. In doing this residents become more aware of their responsibilities, behaviors, and commitment to the fellowship.

Expectaions of residents at Prosperity Recovery Residence after they have completed more than 120 days as residents.

The last days are what we call the reintegration phase. We welcome our clients to live at Prosperity Recovery Residence as long as they would like. However we will look for unique duties in the house for our residents in this phase. We will start assisting in the planning and reintegration process of purchasing of vehicles, balancing finances, future residence, etc.

Clients are required to sign a 6 month commitment, however most of our clients are expected to remain with us anywhere from one to two years. We will be offering discounts to those that picked up certain responsibilities.

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